treadmill or exercise bike

What is better for the figure: a treadmill or exercise bike?

After a critical inspection of his own reflection in the mirror, it was finally decided to lose those extra pounds and tighten the figure …. But time, and there is no particular desire to attend a sports club, and there is enough space in the apartment for a suitable projectile. Here is just what will be more effective – a treadmill or exercise bike?

What are cardio trainers for?

Having decided to study at home, you need to carefully approach the issue of buying a suitable simulator. Pleasure is not cheap, and it will be a shame if it does not suit its owner by any criteria.

Even practicing in a fitness club, many are lost, not knowing what will be more effective for losing weight, improving body shape, maintaining health – to warm up on a treadmill or try your hand at an exercise bike?

It is worth noting that both projectiles are equally effective means for strengthening the cardiovascular system. That is why they are called cardio simulators. They are very popular among beginners and among more experienced athletes.


exercise bike or treadmill


Modern simulators are equipped with a variety of functions that allow you to adjust the degree of load depending on the overall physical condition and goal. Various sensors show the heart rate, the number of kilometers that have already managed to “run” or “drive.”

You can also control the angle of inclination of the treadmill or exercise bike, simulating movement uphill or on rough terrain. In this way, the level of load can be adjusted, which can be alternated with normal walking or quiet cycling. Agree, it is very convenient, especially if you do not even need to go out!

Choose which is better – a treadmill or an exercise bike, is not easy, but it is possible, given the characteristics of each projectile and their own physical abilities.

Treadmill: advantages and disadvantages

The jogging track is perhaps the most popular cardio trainer. It consists of a horizontal moving blade and handrails located on the sides. Thanks to him, you can run in a comfortable home environment, if the weather is bad, there are no suitable shoes or comfortable paths, away from gassed highways.

Choosing what is best for losing weight, then, of course, the decision should be made in favor of the treadmill!

Apart from the fact that, working on this projectile, you can significantly strengthen the cardiovascular system, recover from heart attacks and diseases of the nervous system, strengthen almost all the muscles of the body, the loss of extra pounds will be a nice bonus.

So, even with fast walking, about 400 calories are lost within an hour, and while running (depending on the intensity chosen), 500-900 calories are lost. Particularly effective for burning fat will be the interval cardio loads, when the slow pace alternates with the fastest possible.


what is better exercise bike or treadmill


The obvious advantages of a treadmill include:

  • the opportunity to independently choose a suitable load, thanks to which the simulator can equally be used by beginners and people with good physical training;
  • all major muscle groups are involved in the movement;
  • this is a good way not only to lose weight, but also to significantly improve your health: endurance appears, tissues are actively enriched with oxygen, the cardiovascular system is trained, coordination of movements is improved.

Choosing which projectile will be more useful, a treadmill or an exercise bike, one should find out not only their advantages, but also their disadvantages. And the cons are as follows.

A jogging track will be an excellent option only for those who do not have any problems with the spine, ankles, knee joints. When classes occur, there is a shock load on the musculoskeletal system, and this can only aggravate the condition of the joints and intervertebral discs. Also, running is not recommended for serious diseases of the lungs, cardiovascular system, in the presence of varicose veins.

Before the start of classes, it will be useful to get acquainted with the correct technique, otherwise, instead of benefit, you can earn problems with your feet.

If you are concerned about which trainer is better for a more harmonious and uniform load of the whole body in the absence of serious diseases, then this is, of course, a treadmill.

Who will use the exercise bike?

The stationary simulator allows you to accurately simulate movement while cycling. At the same time it is possible to adjust the level of load and monitor the pulse rate.

You can do it at any degree of physical training and at any age. It can be used by people who have problems with their backs, joints or suffering from varicose veins. If there are contraindications for jogging, it is worthwhile to choose an exercise bike as a compromise. In addition, it is practically not traumatic, because it is very difficult to drop and damage, say, the knee.

For weight loss exercise bike will be as useful as a treadmill. In this matter, regular workouts and a high level of load are important – only then will the process of burning fat cells be launched.


which is better treadmill or exercise bike


Perhaps the only drawback of this projectile is the almost complete lack of load on the back and shoulder complex. This deficiency is most relevant for people leading a sedentary lifestyle. Being engaged on the exercise bike, they should include in the complex exercises aimed at the development of these muscle groups.

Comparative characteristics

Doubting that it is more suitable – an exercise bike or a treadmill, you should pay attention to the following points.

  • The exercise bike is more compact and during the work practically does not make noise. In addition, it can always be moved from place to place without disassembling into parts, and if desired, be installed even on a balcony;
  • the cost of an exercise bike is much lower than the price of a jogging track;
  • when working on the exercise bike, the upper body practically does not work, as a result of which the load on the heart and respiratory system is substantially less than during running;
  • in the presence of diseases of the musculoskeletal system of the treadmill should be forgotten, preferring a more gentle exercise bike.

And most importantly – to get the desired result, it is important to practice regularly (best every day) and for a long time (at least 40-60 minutes). Only this way you will quickly start to lose weight!