gainer for muscle mass

gainer for muscle mass

Gainer – sports nutrition for weight gain

Below we consider the composition of the gainer, its physical and chemical properties and find out whether there are contraindications for the use of this additive.
Gainer and man
Gainer and man

What is a gainer

So, the gainer is a food additive for sports nutrition, intended primarily for people engaged in power sports. The additive consists mainly of carbohydrates and whey protein – the two main compounds for the athlete’s body. There are also multicomponent protein content gainers, consisting not of one, but of several types of protein. Sometimes, they are called power engineers – for the effect of a sharp increase in the energy potential of the body immediately after taking.

In addition to carbohydrates and protein, various kinds of gainer can contain:

  • Creatine (carboxylic acid to stimulate energy metabolism);
  • Vitamins;
  • Individual amino acids to enhance efficacy;
  • Microelements;
  • A small amount of fat for balance.

The effect of the joint use of carbohydrates and proteins is proved by independent studies. The main function of a sports supplement: muscle growth and replenishment of energy reserves.

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How the Gainer Works?


It’s about the muscle mass, strength and energy reserves: all this ensures the use of the gainer. This is one of the first additions in the history of bodybuilding. Initially, the gainer was made from the cheapest types of protein and generously diluted with sugar and fats to increase caloric content. The quality of these mixes was low, and the effect did not always match expectations.

Modern additives from well-known and reliable manufacturers are high-quality balanced mixtures, absolutely harmless to the body. They contain high-purity protein, specially selected polysaccharides with different molecular chain length plus healthy additives. Gainers have become absolutely indispensable for a full training of bodybuilders, weightlifters, triathletes, representatives of high-speed and energy-intensive sports disciplines – running, football, basketball, martial arts.

It should immediately focus the reader’s attention on the fact that the gainer is intended primarily for ectomorphs (people of lean physique). Additive will be useful to those whose body is not prone to rapid deposition of fat stores. Gainer for ectomorphs is the best way to add muscle mass and strength in a short time. Each athlete himself finds an ideal variety of the gainer with the most optimal ratio of proteins and carbohydrates (in different types of mixtures, the proportions are different).

So, the gainer is necessary for:

  • Rapidly adding weight to people of lean physique;
  • Replenishment of energy costs and support of a high energy level with prolonged aerobic loads;
  • Maintaining weight values ​​at a stable level;
  • Rapid recovery of energy reserves after loads.

You can buy this food supplement in specialized sports stores. Adding 3 servings of the mixture to the usual diet can achieve amazing results in 4 weeks of use: provided that the training will be full and systematic. Athletes with increased metabolic rate in the body may need to increase the caloric content of the daily menu. But people inclined to fullness (endomorphs and mesomorphs), to use the gainer is not recommended: this will lead to the deposition of most carbohydrates in the lipids.

Recommendations for use

When to take a gainer? The most common option is the intake of additives immediately after the training, that is, when the athlete’s body most of all needs energy in the form of carbohydrate compounds and building material in the form of a quality, biologically active and affordable protein. Such a method will make it possible to restore forces in a short time and suppress catabolism (destruction of the structural elements of muscles), thereby ensuring a complete regeneration of the muscle fibers.

Gainer for muscle mass
Gainer for muscle mass

A certain part of the athletes-siloviki takes a gainer before training. The purpose of this method is obvious: the body receives energy in advance for more productive and prolonged occupations, and catabolism is suppressed already at the very beginning of the training. The method has a minus: during exercise exercises there is no loss of lipids, but on the contrary – the risk of fat gain increases.

Some people advise taking the supplement before and after training, as well as in the morning and in the evening. This option is acceptable only for those who are absolutely inclined to completeness, otherwise the mass will be typed not at the expense of muscles, but due to adipose tissue.

Now about how to take a gainer. Nutritional supplement can be diluted in water, juice, milk. The exact ratio of powder and liquid is indicated on the packaging of your chosen product. The recommended dosage is also indicated there. To prevent undesirable consequences, it is better to follow the instructions literally.

Can the protein-carbohydrate mixture replace the usual food? A full dinner and supper is unlikely to become, but it is quite possible to quench the hunger between the main meals with a protein-carbohydrate mixture. In some cases, the reception of a gainer is even necessary – when the athlete urgently needs to eliminate the feeling of hunger and make up for energy losses.

Regarding the question, which is better – a gainer  or protein, then the answer to it depends on the type of athlete’s body. For ectomorphs, the heiner is clearly preferable, since for a complete set of mass, proteins and an energy substrate are needed. However, for pure endorphs and mesomorphs, purely pure mixtures are more suitable. In some cases, it is advisable to combine the reception of the gainer (solely after the training) and the use of the protein (the rest of the time).

The only drawback of protein-carbohydrate mixtures is their high price in comparison with proteins. If you want to save money, it’s better to buy protein concentrate, and get carbohydrates from food.

How to choose the right gainer

The correct choice of the mixture depends on the purposes of use. If you are a bodybuilder and a powerlifter, it is better to buy those supplements in which the protein content is higher. If you prefer energy level support (you are a football player, athlete, boxer or runner for short distances), then get an additive where the percentage of carbohydrates is increased.

Gainer for muscle mass
Gainer for muscle mass

What a gainer is better for levying muscle mass, you’ll have to decide on your own. Experts recommend choosing additives from reliable and well-known manufacturers. To begin with it is possible to familiarize with a rating of the best gainers in the specialized literature on bodybuilding.

Contraindications and possible side effects

People who have never taken sports supplements often ask: is the gainer harmful? The unequivocal answer is no. Speaking in more detail, the proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins that make up this additive can not be harmful to the body simply by definition, as ordinary food consisting of the same elements can not be harmful. Nutritional supplement is equally useful for women and men and has no contraindications for age. Side effects of the gainer, therefore, are completely absent.

Potential harm of the heiner is possible only in the case of individual intolerance of the individual components of the mixture. However, this is extremely rare. Even less common is the lack of enzymes caused by pancreatic dysfunction: with such a pathology, any supplements are not recommended.

Ordinary food poisoning is also possible as a result of using a poor-quality product. This happens when there is a violation of storage conditions, moisture entering the mixture (which promotes the propagation of pathogenic bacteria), the acquisition of counterfeit (counterfeit) goods without a certificate. In this situation, you should refrain from further taking the product and eliminate intoxication.