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You will learn a lot about bodybuilding, to an uninhabited person, this sports can seem like a very simple matter. You come to the gym, lift heavy rods and after a while become large and muscular. But it’s not so simple.

Bodybuilding. Strong man and a woman posing on a black background

Indeed, beginners often try to operate with a lot of weight, thereby making a gross mistake. As a rule, to show your strength to others, but the next day it leads to incredible  pain . Not everyone is able to pass the test with pain. Many people do not dare to visit the fitness center for the second time. Our bodybuilding blog includes many materials and recommendations for beginners.


A male and female figure is a whole doctrine. In the case of a beautiful floor, there are all known parameters 90-60-90. Men also have their own ideal proportions. Agree, a rather comical looking young man with pumped biceps and thin legs. Still, the figure must be harmonious and symmetrical. For example, the best experts in the world of male bodybuilding today agree that the volume of the neck should equal the volume of the biceps and gastrocnemius muscle.

Training in the gym
Training in the gym

Insufficiently heated muscles before exercising increase the risk of injury. It is necessary to prepare and cardiovascular system. Therefore, one more simple, but very important rule: the  employment of fitness begins with a warm-up . Even the most experienced athletes use the services of a personal trainer. He helps not only to correctly perform the exercises, but also can hedge at times of danger.

We must understand that the coach is first and foremost an expert. He always knows better how well the exercise is performed. Some training programs may be ineffective for you. Therefore, together with the mentor, you can discuss the strategic plan for achieving the goal that you are aiming for. A good specialist will help you pick up the load that will bring the result to you.

Regular training, proper nutrition, perseverance, hard work – these are the components that will help achieve the desired result. Our bodybuilding portal is designed to make your training process simple, comfortable and most effective. Go in for sports, lead a healthy lifestyle and be a winner in everything.

Bench press exercise
Bench press exercise